Humane Education

Little Victories works to spread the no-kill philosophy. We take an active role in educating the public about humane care and respect for all living things. We work through outreach and education in our community to improve and strengthen relationships between humans and animals. 

Humane education programs play a critical role in promoting the welfare of animals and people in our community. We want to encourage youth to develop and express attitudes of compassion, kindness, and respect for all living things. Humane education is a critical tool in preventing violence to both animals and people. It empowers students to realize that they can make a positive difference in their communities and in the world around them. By teaching children compassionate behavior toward all living creatures from an early age, they can become positive role models in their homes, schools, and communities.

Our age-appropriate program for youth teaches kindness, animal care, and safety around animals. We offer this program to schools and local youth groups, such as 4-H, scouts, or church groups. We provide them with our humane education program and opportunities to work with animals for community service and enrichment. 

Animal welfare is not just about finding homes for unwanted dogs and cats. It's about identifying the needs of the community and implementing resources, programs, and education for the wellbeing and safety of humans and animals alike. This is what we strive to do through our humane education program. Such programs teach youth how to be responsible citizens. They teach them how to accept and fulfill their responsibilities. From caring for their families' animal companions to taking action to prevent animal suffering, youth learn to be compassionate toward all living beings.