Our Mission

The mission of Little Victories is to rescue homeless animals and provide the means by which they can be rehabilitated and find permanent, loving homes. Little Victories will spread the no-kill philosophy and educate the public about humane care and respect for all living things.  Little Victories believes that each animal should be treated for its individual needs and that each one deserves every chance of living a safe, loving, and protected life.  


We rescue and rehabilitate homeless, injured, abused, and abandoned animals.

While our goal is to adopt all animals into loving, permanent homes, not all animals are adoptable. For those few, we provide sanctuary—a lifetime home where they will be safe and loved.


We socialize our animals and strive to find loving, safe, and permanent homes for all them all. We also provide ongoing support and training so that each adoption is a success.


We firmly believe that education about all aspects of humane care is the only answer and the only hope to eliminate animal homelessness and abuse.

Our goal is to educate the community to act responsibly in the care of its own companion animals and to be aware of the plight of homeless animals. Our educational and awareness programs teach adults and children about the humane treatment of animals and how to become caring, responsible pet owners. We also promote the no-kill philosophy and awareness of the cultural, health, and emotional benefits of having a companion animal.


Spaying and neutering is the answer to the problem of unwanted animals in this country. We spay or neuter all our animals, and we work with the community and other rescues and shelters to raise funds and implement spay and neuter programs that control the irresponsible birth of millions of unwanted animals