Doggy Day Out

Give a shelter dog a break from kennel life! Spend a day or evenan hour making a dog’s day. Check them out of the shelter for an hour, a day, or even overnight!

The limits are endless of what you can do:

  • Go for a walk/hike
  • Take a car ride
  • Grab a pup cup
  • Visit a pet-friendly store
  • Run around on a long line
  • Nap on a cozy couch
  • Be creative!
Schedule a day to take one of our great pups out for a bit! If you're interested in making one of our shelter dogs feel extra special for a day, fill out our Volunteer Application

Looking to adopt? A Doggy Day Out is an excellent way to spend some time with a dog outside of the shelter or even in your own home to make sure she is the perfect fit!

An image of 3 happy dogs depicting the volunteer event Doggy's Day Out.