Naming Opportunities

Little Victories Animal Rescue is offering naming opportunities for donors wishing to assist us with the necessary improvements and expansion of our facility. Little Victories is flexible in working with donors to accommodate their schedule of giving and individual requests. Our improvement and expansion campaign needs and welcomes gifts at all levels.


At Little Victories, we assess the physical health and well-being of every animal. We treat each dog and cat for whatever physical ailments they bring with them and provide all the care they need through their time of adoption. Additionally, several animals have required major surgery in order to save their lives. And, in an effort to do our part in curtailing the country’s increasing dog and cat populations, we make sure every dog and cat is spayed or neutered before they are adopted

Little Victories Animal Rescue works hard to provide all of our animals everything they need, physically, emotionally and psychologically. For those who are never ready to be adopted we become their forever home. All of the dogs and cats at Little Victories are known by name and treated like family.

The cost of naming and maintenance the farm is $200,000


Little Victories has a very special place used for housing our friendly felines. Our free roaming cattery provides a feeling of freedom an opportunity for socialization that is priceless. Our cattery provides an alternative to what is usually found at a traditional shelter. Our building is still in need of renovations. One way we feel we can enrich the lives of our felines would be to offer them safe experiences outdoors by building an outside enclosure.

The cost of naming and renovations the cattery is $50,000

Play Yard

The staff and volunteers at Little Victories work hard to make sure all of our dogs get plenty of exercise. They are walked often but that is not the same as free roaming play time. Each dog gets time daily in our one play yard however with as many dogs we have their time in this area is limited. We have a great need for adding and additional play yard. This is the place where animals are free of leashes and able to run and play fetch. This is also a great location for dogs to interact with their potential new owners. This gives them an opportunity to get more of an accurate feel for each other because there is more freedom in this area.

The cost of naming a maintaining a play yard is $20,000

Cottages or Kennels

Little Victories Animal Shelter has many cottages and kennels that are the living areas for many of our dogs. These areas require constant maintenance to ensure the health and safety of the animals. The name recognition on a kennel or cottage can be done on the basis of a one calendar year, or in perpetuity, depending on the donation.

The cost of naming a cottage or kennel for a year is $1,000. The cost to name, maintain and make improvements on the kennel is $5,000 or a cottage for life is $10,000.

Memorial Benches

Memorial benches provide an option to honor or remember a loved one, as well as offer visitors a place to relax and enjoy their surroundings while making the important decision on adding a member to their family.

The cost of a memorial bench is $1,500