Little Victories relies on our wonderful network of kind-hearted people who dedicate their precious time to helping the animals.

If you volunteer with us, you’ll see that we believe that every individual life is precious. Every day, we do our best for the animals in our care, saving lives one at a time. For each of these individual animals, we have truly made a difference.

We know we can’t save them all. But every life we save is a Little Victory.

How you can help

We need volunteers to clean, feed animals, and walk dogs, and to help with photography, laying bricks, etc. We’re also looking for people to drive big jobs such as heading committees and recycling. Put your skills to work and help us save the lives of these wonderful animals!

Volunteer Application

Learn how to talk to the animals

One of our volunteers helped bring a very shy dog named Wilson out of his shell. After being traumatized, Wilson, a Great Pyrenees or Pyrenees mix, hid under his house or inside his house, afraid to come out. Many volunteers worked with him. You can volunteer to make a difference in a dog’s life, too—just by offering love and “listening!”

Other important needs

We need volunteers for a variety of jobs, committees. Please consider volunteering or spreading the word to people who can help.

  • Phone person. We need several people who can devote half a day a week to answering the phone, filing, and other office duties.
  • Recycling person. We need someone to take charge of our Donation Station recycling center. Help to improve donations of recyclables, see that they are boxed and mailed, or taken to the local recycling center.
  • Maintenance and repair. We would like two or three men to take over the maintenance and repair of kennels, buildings, etc. Set your own schedule!
  • Events-we have large number of adoption and fundraising events

Please look for other volunteer positions to be posted.