Wish List

Biggest need: dog food—Our dogs eat more than 150 lbs each day! It’s best for the dogs to be on a consistent diet. We prefer:

  • Pride adult food
  • Pedigree adult food
  • Ol’Roy Kibbles and Bites
  • Purina One “Small Bites” beef or chicken
  • Purina One Beyond for dogs with tummy issues
  • Purina Adult Dog Chow
  • Canned wet food.
  • Purina Puppy Chow (Complete and Balanced, not Healthy Morsels)
  • Canned Pedigree puppy food

Kitten and cat food

Treats—Plain and flavored Milk Bones and cat treats

Toys for dogs, cats, kittens and puppies, especially Kongs or heavy rubber toys, soft toys for puppies

Cat litter (we love Walmart brand scoopable multi-cat litter), cat toys, litter pans

New or used towels, blankets, leashes, cleaning rags, collars, toys, cages, crates, carriers, dog beds, cat beds, and cat trees

Cleaning supplies—floor cleaner, liquid laundry detergent, dish detergent, Fantastic spray (no-bleach), trash bags, etc. No Clorox spray cleaner, it’s too strong for the dogs.

Paper Towels

Bottled Water

Office supplies—Computer printer paper (8.5x11), bright white paper, folders, paper clips, ink for HP Officejet Pro 8600 printer, manila envelopes, mailing labels, and other office supplies

Used tools—wheelbarrows, shovels, hoes, rakes, hammers...

Building materials—supplies, paint, tools

Buckets—two-gallon stainless, large and medium stainless feeding pans

Gift Cards (Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, Petco)

Lawn care tools—riding lawn mower, lawn mower, weed eaters

Much needed—4-wheeler and generator—Our 4-wheeler and generator were both stolen!

NOTE: We are no longer accepting newspapers—our puppies shred them so we are switching to reusable towels and sheets!

Items we CANNOT accept:

Hard or homemade dog treats
Toner cartridges
Old computers and equipment like mice, keyboards, CRT monitors, printers, and scanners
Medications and medical supplies, including syringes
Topical and oral pesticide products for dogs and cats, including flea and tick products
Flea sprays, powders, and foggers for the home
Used (already chewed on) dog treats and raw hides
Used litter boxes 
Confetti shredded paper
Old clothing (t-shirts, socks)
Comforters, pillows, pillow cases, and sheets       
Anything that is broken or missing pieces                      


Groups are also welcome to schedule a tour of one of our facilities at the time they bring in their donations. This a great opportunity for Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, church youth groups, and other civic-minded groups. Tours last approximately 1 hour; there is a $1/person fee, with a $20 minimum, minimum group size of 5 persons, for tours. Our tour schedules fill up quickly, so please schedule tours at least 2 weeks in advance.